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    This awesome Thomas GO 50 is derived from the traditional Spanish guitar style and build with Mastergrade Malaysian Blackwood and Moon Spruce. Ideal for DADGAD and other low tuning schemes. She has a phenomenal voice. Piano like tone, wide open and responsive.

    This Thomas GO 50 is built with mastergrade Malaysian Blackwood and Moon Spruce from the dense Spruce forests in the Italian Latemar region. Latemar is a relatively small but well-known mountain group in the Dolomites in northern Italy. Here the old master luthiers Stradivari and Guarnieri got their woods. Malaysian Blackwood has the smooth depth of African Blackwood but is slightly brighter overall and offers an excellent tap tone. Moon Spruce features exceptional stiffness together with low density, the foundation of a great guitar sound. The basic structure of all Thomas Guitars is made by employing the old Spanish method of using a solera mold. This classic construction mold locks in the neck angle and sets the height of the bridge. The unfinished neck is glued with the intended angle to the soundboard. Then the bent sides are glued with individual wooden blocks to the top, and finally the back is fitted. This method has great advantages both tonally and structurally and form the foundation of a guitar set up that prevents fret buzz and string slapping.

    Another unique feature is the four-piece top. In search for the ultimate tone stability Thomas and Klaus by chance stumbled on the idea of using only the best part of each board for cutting tops. No sapwood, no wider grain from the early years of the tree, just the filet in-between. The trees that supply the wood are about 250 years old and 85 cm in diameter. When the sapwood, the core and the wider years from the inside are removed, a 10 to 14 cm wide piece of the highest quality tonewood remain. With four of these pieces an extremely stable guitar is formed.

    This Grand Orchestra model is a true Jumbo size guitar. Her impressive size produces a powerful lush tone of great complexity with a long and consistent sustain. The wonderfully musical concert hall bass, meaty midrange, and thick shimmering top end blend seamlessly. A complex voice with balance and responsiveness, even to a soft touch. The architectural heel design allows for effortless fast moves up and down the fretboard and is equally suited for, but by far not limited to fingerstyle, strumming, flatpicking and for the singer-songwriter. She also has a wide bevel which make it possible to play for hours sitting down without shoulder issues. Very well-designed instrument! This guitar is in excellent condition. Listen to the sound impression here:


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    • Model: GO 50
    • Serial #: 255
    • Back & sides: Malaysian Blackwood
    • Top: Latemar Moon Spruce
    • Neck: Sapele Mahogany
    • Neck size: 22 mm
    • Fretboard: Ebony
    • Fretboard radius: 16″
    • Bridge: Ebony
    • Bridge spacing: 56
    • Cutaway: yes
    • Tuners: Black Schertler with Ebony knobs
    • Nut & Saddle: bone
    • Binding: Ziricote
    • Purflings: Maple
    • Lining: Red Alder
    • Headstock veneer: Malaysian Blackwood
    • Finish: ultra-thin PU High Gloss
    • Frets: Stainless steel
    • Scale Length: 650 mm
    • Nut Width: 45 mm
    • Bridge Spacing: 56 mm
    • Upper Bout: 288 mm
    • Lower Bout: 428 mm
    • Body Length: 533 mm
    • Upper Bout Depth: 101 mm
    • Lower Bout Depth: 130 mm
    • Case: Premium GeWa prestige
    • Documents: Certificate and Warranty