• Setup and repair

    Adjustment, repair & restoration

    We do setup of high-end acoustic guitars in house. Mechanical work (replacement of strings, tuners, neck adjustment, etc.) and electronics are in good hands. For more sophisticated work I have chosen to work with local luthiers with extensive experience or the builder. My expertise combined with knowledge and experience of the luthiers guarantees well-adjusted guitars and when need excellent repair work.

    Do it right

    Repair or restoration is never cheap, but it will actually save you money as opposed to having poor repair work done which can seriously impact value, tone and playability. We’ve seen wonderful instruments rendered worthless by neglect and improper repairs. We work with the best luthiers in Europe who can do virtually any repair job. If possible, we will send the instrument back to the original builder to assess the damage – and after confirmation – restore it. Call or mail for more information: +31(0)611 477 420.