• Guitar Appraisal and Valuation

    You want to sell or trade your acoustic guitar and wonder how much she’s worth? You own an acoustic guitar that needs insurance? Is your guitar damaged, and the insurance company wants a credible valuation of the repair? We can help with an appraisal or a valuation.


    An appraisal is our opinion of an acoustic guitar’s current market worth, considering what the market is responding to and other factors.  This is a free service. Our opinion is based on our 40 years of guitar experience and our credible reputation. An appraisal is used as a guide to pricing a guitar for sale or trade.


    We also provide valuations, mostly for insurance companies. This is a written and signed report describing the guitar including condition, pictures, serial number etc. Unfortunately there is no legal register of valuators, so again, it all boils down to experience, credibility and reputation of the valuator. We also do valuation for insurance companies on value, damage and repair costs. Valuations cost time and prices start at 125 Euro for a single non-damaged acoustic guitar. Valuing a collection or a damaged guitar will be quoted upfront.

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