• National Reso-Phonic

    National Reso-Phonic makes uniquely American instruments. In 1989, National Reso-Phonic Guitars was formed by Don Young and McGregor Gaines, to re-create the historic National instruments.

    The resophonic guitar was invented in 1925 by John Dopyera. At the time, amplification hadn’t been invented but venues – especially silent movie theaters – were getting larger and louder, and instruments couldn’t keep up.

    In response, Dopyera created an instrument based on a spun metal cone, that worked much the way a modern speaker does, and was much louder than traditional instruments. The initial models were tri-cones. Production began in 1927, and they were very successful but after a few years the Dopyera Brothers formed another company named after themselves – Dobro. The National String Instrument Corporation continued until 1932, when the Dopyera brothers regained control of it and merged National and Dobro.


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