• Roman Zajicek, master luthier

    Roman Zajicek, engineer of profession, loves music above all. His quest for beauty of acoustic tone led him to building instruments himself. Roman built his first instruments in 1979. His reputation of a man with deep sensitivity for wood and tone began to spread among high-end instrument lovers with every guitar he created.

    Roman is part of the impressive history of Bohemian instrument making guild. These are considered to be the oldest in the world. A nice example is C.F. Martin who originates from the same region as Roman. This region is still the cradle of many high-end instrument makers, mostly working in small shops. Roman’s knowledge of traditional violin construction combined with his technical insight and experience as guitar maker and musician made him one of the best luthiers in the world. His unique construction designs resulted over the years in a wide range of fine high-end acoustic instruments of highest quality and impressive acoustic sound. Roman is a member of the Guild of Prague Luthiers.

    All guitars are made from special selected solid tonewoods and other top quality materials. Everything is purely handmade into any detail. Even today very rare handcut Pearl inlays are standard in his workshop. Roman used tap-tuning for every instrument. This means that every guitar top is tuned by tapping the top in free position, listen closely and subsequently adjustment the bracing to get a maximum of balance and tone.

    ROZAWOOD is an art workshop where only skilled and trained luthiers put their best efforts into every unique ROZAWOOD instrument. We had the pleasure of meeting Roman for an interview and a shop tour. That was really cool! Click here for the interview.