• About Diamond Guitars

    Buying a high-end guitar is not about spending a huge amount of money. It is all about ‘spending money right’! Spending money right enhances well-being for quite some time after the spend. That is what Diamond Guitars is all about.

    Diamond Guitars is a place where you will find high-end guitars only. A place where you meet the owner with a huge passion for guitars and the people that build and play them. My goal is to help you find the right guitar. Our collection changes regularly and there is only one customer at a time in our friendly and peaceful guitar heaven in the center of Amsterdam. Guitars are carefully selected and treated like babies while in our custody. A lot of time is spent in answering any question to our online visitors, and the best is given to deliver top-notch advice and service. Check out here what our customers say HERE.

    Diamond Guitars is located in a historical canal house in the center of Amsterdam. One can spend as much time in the shop as needed and play every guitar available. If required, I will assist in your search and help you with whatever you need. Good coffee, a chat about guitars and life itself, you name it. You can use our ‘Grand Room’ for testing without any disturbance. Just you and the guitars of your choice. If you are not able to visit you can expect an honest answer to any question asked by mail, phone of video (Zoom or any other online conferencing app) fast and professionally.  Upon request, we will send extra pictures, sound samples and measurements. Anything to make sure you will be amazed when opening the case and playing the instrument. After the purchase of your guitar, we are still there for you. Whatever the (technical) question is, we will help.

    Other services include:

    Our shop is easy to reach by all means of transportation. Here’s an impression of the ‘Grand Room’.

    image of the Grand Room
    Grand Room