• About me

    Thank you for checking out the ‘About Me’ page. Welcome!  I am Wil Peters, the man behind Diamond Guitars.

    My first musical love happened at the age of fifteen and listened to the name of the self-titled album Van Halen. Whoaaa! What an incredibly refreshing sound in the hard rock scene and beyond! This event amongst others led me and my friends Tony, Eric and Charlie to start the hard rock band Voyager. We covered Y&T, Thin Lizzy and started to write our own songs inspired by Scorpions, Rush, and Journey. Touring the local club circuit ignited my love for stage and guitars. Opening for Dutch legend Herman Brood (RIP) as a support act was a dream come true.

    Though my professional career took me to a different stage: business development and restructuring companies. My love for guitars and rock never faded. It only grew stronger when I bought my first acoustic guitar: a Lowden O35. What a piece of art; true craftsmanship! In between two assignment, I started wondering what to do when I’m sixty. I asked myself: would there be a gap in the market for an authentic, high-end guitar shop. Research and visits to European and American guitar manufacturers and shops all over Europe and the US gave the answer. That was 2010. Diamond Guitars was born and opened doors in January 2011. The rest is history.

    Passion for music and guitars is the foundation for Diamond Guitars, Amsterdam is the location, the stage and my home. If you’re interested in our collection, feel free to contact me for an appointment. I would love to show you around and make your dream come true!

    image of wil