• Packing & Shipping

    Diamond Guitars takes pride in shipping our fine guitars to worldwide customers. We take shipping very serious and ship normally via UPS or DHL. For non-EU buyers we also provide – when required – the appropriate import papers to insure a smooth journey. Guitars containing e.g. Brazilian Rosewood need official CITES import- and/or export papers for shipping into or outside the EU. We are qualified to verify existing documents and advise on and arrange appropriate documents needed for shipping and obtaining them. Contact us for more information.

    Packing tips

    Delivery inspection procedure

    • We only ship fully insured though shipping damage is highly unlikely. Thus, it is very important to do a thorough inspection upon arrival of the shipment. Please read the necessary steps in this Order Delivery Checklist

    Shipping costs: 

    • Shipping charges are based on acoustic guitar size box with an average size of 120 cm x 24 cm x 55 cm or 48″ x 8,65″ x 21,65″).
    • Mail for a quote for different box sizes.
    CountryShipping Costs *Delivery
    Austria€ 353-5 days
    Belgium€ 171-2 days
    Bulgaria€ 604-6 days
    Croatia€ 504-6 days
    Cyprus€ 605-7 days
    Czech Republic€ 503-5 days
    Denmark€ 502-4 days
    Estonia€ 505-7 days
    Finland€ 504-6 days
    France€ 352-4 days
    Germany€ 201-3 days
    Greece€ 504-6 days
    Hungaria€ 503-5 days
    Ireland€ 603-5 days
    Italy€ 502-4 days
    Latvia€ 655-7 days
    Lithuania€ 655-7 days
    Luxembourg€ 251-2 days
    Malta€ 604-6 days
    Monaco€ 354-6 days
    Poland€ 503-5 days
    Portugal€ 603-5 days
    Romania€ 605-7 days
    Slovakia€ 603-5 days
    Slovenia€ 603-5 days
    Spain€ 603-5 days
    Sweden€ 553-5 days
    the Netherlands€ 151-2 days

    EuropeShipping Costs *DeliveryDuties
    Norway€ 552-7 daysyes
    Serbia€ 594-6 daysyes
    Switzerland€ 492-5 daysyes
    United Kingdom€ 494-8 daysyes

    WorldwideShipping Costs *DeliveryDuties
    parcel 1-9 kg€ 95,002-7 daysyes
    parcel 10-32 kg€ 225,002-7 daysyes
    parcel 32+ kgask for quote and lead time


    • * = surcharges may apply for remote area service of non-standard packaging
    • All EU-countries are free of Custom charges.
    • American made guitars are free of custom charge when returned to the USA. Mail us for the applicable forms.
    • For non-EU shipments VAT on new items does not apply. If applicable divide the listed price by 1.21 and multiply with 100.
    • Express and Guaranteed shipping is possible. Mail us for a quote.