• Packing & Shipping

    Diamond Guitars takes pride in shipping our fine guitars to worldwide customers. We take shipping very serious and ship normally via DPD CLASSIC service. For non-EU buyers we also provide the appropriate CITES papers so importing a guitar into your country goes smooth.

    Shipping costs: 

    • Shipping charges are based on acoustic guitar size box (on average 122cm x 24cm x 55cm). Different sizes lead to different costs. Some countries will impose customs duties and/or handling fees. Please do check the actual rates at your local Customs office.
    • All EU-countries are free of Custom charges.
    • American made guitars are free of custom charge when returned to the USA. Mail us for the applicable forms.
    • For non-EU shipments VAT on new items does not apply. If applicable just deduct 21% of the listed price or multiply the amount by 0,8263%.
    • Express and Guaranteed shipping is possible. Call or mail us for a quote.

    1-Hour Delivery Window

    • Our courier (DPD) will provide you with a one hour delivery window so you don’t have to wait in all day for your parcels. They will notifiy you by text (SMS) and email on the morning of your delivery.
    • The DPD rates always include registered delivery and three delivery attempts.


    • As you probably know guitars that contain Rosewood need import- or export papers for shipping into or outside the EU. With these documents you can also travel with your instrument all over the world without any trouble at Customs. We have put procedures in place to obtain these papers quickly. The standars charge for these documents is 60 Euro.
    • If you have any problems, let us help, call us at +31611477420
      Alternatively…email us on wil@diamondguitars.nl

    Packing tips


    @ Zero CO2 – Zero costs to you with DPD!