• Consignment

    Diamond Guitars offers you a consignment service. Consignment is an  excellent opportunity to sell your guitar fast, and with no hassle, no strange visitors at your doorstop, no dealings via mail and no shipping to unknow places. That is our business and we are good at it! This is what we do for you:

    • When your guitar arrives, it is thoroughly cleaned, restrung, and the set-up is tweaked to perfection.
    • After a detailed inspection it is professionally photographed.
    • A new web page is created for each instrument so potential buyers can read the specs and study the professional quality pictures.
    • For those who follow us on Facebook an alert will be sen the minute your guitar is listed
    • The guitars will be listed on Reveb.com and Vintageandrare.com

    Our consignment fee is 20% plus transaction costs which will be deducted from the proceeds upon the sale of the instrument. Transaction costs cover insurance and shipping costs. The consignment fee also covers the insurance of the instrument in our shop. There is an appraisal- and photography fee of 95 euro per guitar which covers everything we do to present your guitar. This fee is due prior to listing and is not refundable.

    Four steps to consign your instrument

    1. Click HERE to download and complete our consignment agreement
    2. Mail the agreement to us and pay the fee
    3. Place the consignmant agreement in the case with your guitar, pack it according to our packing tips and ship it to Diamond Guitars, Galileiplantsoen 18, 1098NA Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
    4. Important: insure your guitar before shippping