• Warranty

    New guitars

    A two-year limited Diamond Guitars Warranty applies to every new guitar and is on top of the manufacture’s limited lifetime warranty. I treat every guitar like it is my own. No expense is spared in making sure my customers are entirely satisfied with their purchase and that their instrument remains problem free. The warranty also covers your return EU-shipping cost in the first 6 months of your warranty period. You do not have to register for this warranty, but you should always immediately register a new guitar for the manufacturer’s warranty as soon as you receive the instrument to make sure you always have this warranty option if you choose to use it. The difference is that I personally take care of warranty issues instead of having your guitar shipped back to a distributor for service. I talk to the luthiers directly and discuss the problem. In most cases, I will do the repair work myself, taking extra care of the instrument, so it won’t get scratched or worse. When in doubt, I will send the instrument back to the luthier to have the repair work done the best way possible.

    Used guitars

    Used guitars come with a one-year Limited Diamond Guitars warranty unless otherwise stated.
    Every attempt is made to assure that every instrument is fully working before purchase. I will of course try to work with you to the best of my ability to resolve any issue you may find with a used guitar purchased from Diamond Guitars. I am always available for email/phone diagnosis or advice that pertains to any purchase and can usually get you sorted and back playing as expediently as possible. My goal is to always have the best Customer Service and to live up to that claim.

    Your responsibility

    You should maintain the instrument, without alteration, negligent use, misuse or abuse.
    All service of this instrument must be performed by us, the manufacturer or a certified luthier appointed by us or the manufacturer. Any service performed on the instrument by others will terminate this warranty.

    NOTE: Guitars that are damaged from abuse or accident are not covered for warranty on the damage by either myself or the luthiers.