• George Lowden, master luthier

    George Lowden was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1951. At the age of ten, George began what was to be a lifelong pursuit to build guitars, which would inspire players with their sound, feel and looks. ‘My friend Alan French and I made two ‘guitars’ with the help of his dad, who was a boat builder in Groomsport, County Down. The ‘guitars’ had fishing line for strings, bent over nails for frets, and a square soundbox!!’

    Lowden guitars are a breed apart because of the innovative soundboard bracing design, including the “dolphin” strut profiles (which are top and side voiced for optimum weight & stiffness), the bridge design, the finish inside the soundbox, as well as the methods of assembly chosen and the blends of differing woods.

    George considers it fundamental to the integrity and future of the Lowden guitar that he continues to build guitars personally. By keeping his hands on the wood and designing new guitars for individual musicians, inspiration and the creative edge continue to be challenged. The integrity and passion of George and his dedicated team – recently described as “Olympic guitar making” – which goes into each and every Lowden guitar, has never been stronger.

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    Nowadays Lowden Guitars offers a wide range of high-end and custom build guitars. Please do check out the LOWDEN CUSTOM OPTIONS DESIGN GUIDE.

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