• 2019 McPherson Carbon Sable

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    Mint McPherson Carbon Sable built in 2019 without the use of wood! McPherson builds these durable guitars with body, neck, bridge, fretboard, and bracing made fully of carbon fiber, with a proprietary blend used on the back and sides. You get stable intonation, lightweight, heat and humidity resistant and durability.

    The McPherson Carbon Sable is built using the most basic element on Earth: Carbon. It’s amazing that the quest for ultimate resonance and sustain an increasing number of guitar builders find inspiration in this most enduring element on earth. It’s no accident. Engineering and musical attributes combine to create a force of nature offering ultimate strengths and tone. The durability of the material translates to powerful, yet intricate acoustic tone. From finger-style to strumming, and everywhere in between, these guitars can do it all. In any environment. Whether its soaring hot or freezing cold, humidity high or low this guitar won’t crack, bent or break. It keeps the focus on delivering tone and sustain. The body, neck, bridge, fretboard, and bracing is made fully of carbon fiber, with a proprietary blend used on the back and sides. This guitar can be played with or without electronics, and can be used with most standard pickups.

    Playing the McPherson Carbon Sable brings a new feel to the guitar world. The neck feels solid, non-sticky and most of all extremely smooth. Nothing sucks the energy out of your hand. My first impression: waauw, that’s a real cool feel or sensation. Made me play the guitar for a long time. She is not lightweight (2.5 kg) but feels solid like the African Blackwood or Cocobolo guitars. You can understand real fast why this guitar gives such a great sustain. Note separation is perfect, intonation is perfect (compensated nuts!), tuning stability is perfect. The perfect guitar? I like her, no doubt about that! The guitar is set up for low action. McPherson also included a medium action saddle, a feedback buster and a sample pack of special McPherson picks.

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    • 5.45 pounds/2.5kg
    • 25 1/2” scale /650mm
    • 41 3/4” overall length
    • 10 3/4” width at upper bout
    • 9.5” width at waist
    • 15” width at lower bout
    • 4″ body depth
    • 14 frets to the body
    • 20 frets overall
    • 1 3/4” nut width / 44.5mm
    • 2 3/16” string spacing at bridge / 56mm
    • Offset soundhole
    • Cantilevered neck
    • Soft v-neck profile
    • Composite nut and saddle (compesated)
    • Enclosed Hipshot tuners
    • Nickel/silver fret wire or EVO gold fret wire
    • L.R. Baggs Element active system with volume control