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    This brand new Lowden Pierre Bensusan Old Lady is the re-issue of Pierre’s iconic 1978 ‘Old Lady’. The O model with a cutaway and Soundbox Bevel in AAAA Ancient Cuban Mahogany with a Red Cedar top, Flamed Maple bindings and Low-Profile 45/60 fingerstyle neck.

    Before this Lowden Pierre Bensusan Old Lady came to life there is Pierre back in 1978 when he bought his first Lowden in a Parisian guitar store. That was four years after luthier George Lowden had started the company. That being a Lowden S22, the model is called an O22 today. In the four decades since, Pierre has been one of Lowden’s most loyal artists, having played the original guitar (which George modified with a cutaway and wider string-spacing in 1989) for most of his career.  Today, Pierre refers to his original S22 as the “Old Lady”.

    For the back and sides of this Lowden Pierre Bensusan Old Lady ancient Cuban Mahogany is used. This exquisite tonewood was used in all Mahogany pre-war guitars. But also in the lumber for building houses. Due to over-harvesting it was nearly extinct. George managed to get his hands on 18th and 19th century panels of Cuban Mahogany used for cabinetry. This brilliant tonewood produces more Rosewood-like sound qualities, with a more developed mid-range and low end. But it doesn’t have the Rosewood reverb and darkness. As a premium tonewood, Cuban Mahogany exhibits a perfect balanced tone. Cuban Mahogany adds warmth and mellowness to the tone, with pronounced lower mids, appealing high-ends, and superb sustain.

    On top of that this O-size Lady offers huge volume and massive sustain. She’s also a lightweight with only 1.98 kg / 4.37 lbs. On top of that of course excellent craftsmanship! George and his team really know how to build great guitars. Play her and you know what I mean.  She has a strong, warm, and brilliant sound which evolves like a carpet, being especially perfect for folk, country flat picking and strumming. The cutaway provides comfortable use of the higher frets.

    The Old Lady is a truly inspiring guitar for the fingerstyle player and more. Watch Will Mcnicol exploring Drop D tuning on her in this Lowden/Music Radar vid or listen to his sound sample here:


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    • Body size: O
    • Back/Sides: Ancient Cuban Mahogany
    • Top Wood: AAAA Red Cedar
    • Fingerboard: Ebony with Ebony binding
    • Neck Wood: 5 Piece Mahogany/Maple
    • Neck Profile: 45/60 mm Fingerstyle, Low Profile
    • Neck width at the nut: 45 mm
    • String spacing at bridge: 60 mm
    • Scale length: 650 mm
    • Bridge: Rosewood
    • Rosette: Rosewood, Mahogany, Walnut, Maple
    • Binding: figured Maple
    • Pickguard: Tortoise
    • Purflings: Sycamore-Walnut-Rosewood-Mahogany
    • Fret Markers: none
    • Side markers: white dots
    • Tuners: gold Schaller M6 with Ebony knobs
    • Serial number: 26543
    • Documents: Provenance and warranty booklet
    • Case: Lowden branded Ameritage case
    • Optional: pickup system