• Nachocaster Blackguard #0090 by Nacho Banoz

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    Brilliant Nachocaster Blackguard build by Nacho Banos. Nacho is considered one of the foremost experts on/students of Blackguard Teles in the world and his ‘The Blackguard Book’ is considered the bible on these magnificent creations of Leo Fender.

    If you have ever played the original Nocaster then you probably will not believe that this is a new instrument. She looks old, feels old and sound old. Incredibly good guitar. Nacho Banos is arguably the best Blackguard builder in the world and this is one of his ‘sculptures’: #0090 aka Abigail. The aging detail is simply MIND-BLOWINGLY gorgeous. She has vintage Broadcaster style pickups and a perfectly fitting, heavily aged “V” profile neck, just to push this baby that much further over the top. She sounds alive, resonant and deep unamped. Going through a tube amp…she can do it all from James Burton, Waylon Jennings, Kieth Richards, Bruce Springsteen, Merle Haggard, Brad Paisley and many many more.

    Final question: why is there not a decal on the headstock? Nacho says: ‘These are EXACT copies of my old ones’, so there is no Nacho nor Fender logo on them. Put a Fender logo on these guitars and many specialists will not be able to separate a Nachocaster from an original Blackguard! Every single detail is meticoulesly copied from his originals. Pickups are designed specifically for one instrument, weight is predetermined on the gram before. Nacho makes the bridges himself and has the pots made to to the original Fender specs. Most importantly, all guitars are 10x nitro-lacquered just as Leo did in the 50’s. It is still his closely guarded secret (similar to Dumble) as to what makes his guitars so scaringly close to the original. X-rays, UV light, heat and cold, etc. – the effort is insane. This is what makes a Nachocaster a truly unique guitar.



    • Serial number:0090
    • Weight: 6 pounds 8 oz.
    • Neck profile: V
    • Colour: Butterscotch
    • Nacho Guitar serial #0090
    • Early 50s style Spanish solid body Blackguard.
    • Body dated TG 11/30/50
    • Neck dated 11/9/50.
    • Maple neck
    • 9.5” fretboard radius
    • 6105 style frets
    • Medium V profile shape 87”/1.01” depth 1/12 fret, 1.64”/2.01” width 1/12 fret.
    • Very lightweight example at 6 pounds 8 oz.
    • Early 50s style bridge with brass saddles
    • Serial number 0090.
    • Well-aged butterscotch nitro lacquer finish
    • Body with plenty of weather checking
    • Neck shows lacquer wear on fingerboard and back.
    • Early 50s style hardware
    • Vintage Broadcaster style pickups. Neck pickup reads 6.55k ohms. Bridge pickup reads 8.78k ohm.
    • Electronic configuration includes the humbucking mode in the mid position: neck pickup + both pickups in series + bridge
    • pickups all with tone control.
    • Black phenolic resin pickguard has been lacquered, aged and cut to early 1950s specs.
    • Rectangular tweed mid 50s style hard case (not aged).