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Santa Cruz D Tony Rice Indian Rosewood - Sitka Spruce (2003)

This is one well played, well cared for Santa Cruz Tony Rice Signature Model. She was built in 2003 and has seen lot of stages and sounds and plays wonderful. Some dents, light scratchin in the back show the use. The tuners have been upgraded with the ultimate Schaller Grandtune units. 

Santa Cruz OM 20th Anniversary #1 of 20 (1997)

This is the first guitar that Richard Hoover built for his 20th anniversary of the Santa Cruz Guitar Company. Nineteen guitars would follow but this is the true number. 1997 was a special year for Richard. The company was really doing well and new models and techniques were incorparated into his instruments. One of these techniques was the inlay work. The famous inlay artist Larry Robinson designed and crafted the commemorative Art Deco pre war style inlay work on this guitar. A true piece or art! That is not all: this instrument sounds amazing.

Santa Cruz H/13 Tasmanian Blackwood - Adirondack Red Spruce (2012)

Thirteen frets to the body? This is the story: tThe historical precedent for this classic shape was the Gibson ‘Nick Lucas Special’ from the 1920’s and ’30’s, the one Bob Dylan holds in early photos. The “H” designation is an acknowledgement to the guardian of the lore of all things vintage and stringed, Maestro Paul Hostetter, who commissioned SCGC to build the prototype in 1978. In spite of the question of whether the historic 13 frets to the body had any basis in acoustic science, the reason for using it does.

Santa Cruz Custom H Studio Indian Rosewood - Sitka Spruce (2012)

This H studio is a custom order dedicated to studio and live musicians. Richard and his dedicated luthiers tootsk the incredibly balanced, articulate sound of the H, added a cutaway and the LR Baggs Imix pickup which records beautifully with its microphone technology, gave it simple and elegant appointmen!

Santa Cruz 000-12 Indian Rosewood/Sitca Spruce Sunburst (SOLD)

Woow, what a marvelous guitar! Offered is this very lightly played 2009 Santa Cruz 000. This 12-fret design produces an open and airy tone while producing a surprising amount of overall volume and bass response for it's modest size.  It is extremely comfortable to play and you will not want to put it down.

Santa Cruz Guitar Company

Santa Cruz Guitar Company was started in 1976 by luthier Richard Hoover. Richard is a great guy, a brilliant luthier and a fabulous story teller. The shop is located in Santa Cruz and well worth a visit. Every friday Richard organises a tour at 10.00 am and shows you how they build guitars.