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    This awesome Thomas Double 0 is derived from the classic 00-models and combined with traditional Spanish build methods with Crelicam Exotic Ebony and Moon Spruce from the Latemar region. She has a phenomenal voice, sustain and dynamics.

    This Thomas Double 0 is build with stunningly figured Crelicam Exotic Ebony and Moon Spruce from the dense Spruce forests in the Italian Latemar region. Latemar is a relatively small but well-known mountain group in the Dolomites in northern Italy. Here, the old master luthiers Stradivari and Guarnieri got their woods. Moon Spruce features exceptional stiffness together with low density, the foundation of a great guitar sound. Combined with the Crelicam Ebony, ringing overtones are key. She will yield rich, saturated notes in which the fundamental is wrapped in a blanket of overtones. This response will appeal to a fingerstyle players.  The basic structure of all Thomas Guitars, is made by employing the old Spanish method of using a solera mold. This classic construction-mold locks in the neck angle and sets the height of the bridge. The unfinished neck is glued with the intended angle to the soundboard. Then the bent sides are glued with individual wooden blocks to the top, and finally the back is fitted. This method has great advantages both tonally and structurally and form the foundation of a guitar set up that prevents fret buzz and string slapping.

    Once you start playing this double 0, you’re hooked. The high-gloss ultra-thin lacquered neck fits comfortably in the hand and the 45 mm wide fretboard (at the nut) offers comfortable space for the playing hand. She offers a dedicated, enlightened, jaw-dropping sound image. The dynamic range is impressive. Even if the strings are only lightly stroked with the fingertips, a radiant sound unfolds, which almost makes you believe that a reverb effect is involved. Make no mistake, she can be wild too.  Great volume endless sustain, which never loses its composure even with rough strumming. Any style will fit. The craftsmanship is simply stunning. Just take a close look at the inlay on the back. Masterfully done! Listen to a sound impression here:


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    • Model: Double 0
    • Serial #: 378
    • Back & sides: Crelicam Exotic Ebony
    • Back strip: Red Heart/Ebony
    • Top: Latemar Moon Spruce
    • Side purfling: Maple
    • Rosette: Red Heart/Ebony
    • Neck: Genuine Mahogany
    • Neck thickness: 22 mm
    • Fretboard: Ebony
    • Fretboard radius: 16″
    • Fretwire: Stainless Steel
    • Bridge: Crealiam Ebony
    • Tuners: Black Schertler with Ebony knobs
    • Nut & Saddle: bone
    • Binding: Ebony
    • Purflings: Maple
    • Lining: Basswood
    • Headstock veneer: Ebony
    • Finish: ultra-thin PU High Gloss
    • Frets: Stainless steel
    • Scale Length: 650 mm
    • Nut Width: 45 mm
    • Bridge Spacing: 56 mm
    • Upper Bout: 265 mm
    • Lower Bout: 368 mm
    • Body Length: 490 mm
    • Total Length: 980 mm
    • Weight: 1.87 kg
    • Case: Premium GeWa prestige
    • Documents: Certificate and Warranty