• Lowden F50 Cuban – Adirondack

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    Awesome Lowden F50 Cuban Mahogany – Adirondack. This mastergrade tonewood combination offers depth, warmth, harmonic richness and a powerful sound. A Tone machine extraordinaire!

    This Lowden F50 Cuban Mahogany – Adirondack is build with rare Ancient Cuban Mahogany, aka ‘the King of tonewood’. Or like George says the ‘crème de la crème’ of Mahogany species. Cuban Mahogany and his brother Honduran Mahogany are the only true Mahogany species and beat all the other so-called Mahogany species. Its sound is bell-like, pure and powerful. Adirondack is  arguable the best tonewood one can have for a refined, responsive guitar with a beefiness to its sound that you will appreciate and get hooked on. You get a well-balanced and very responsive instrument with an almost never ending sustain. Definitely a versatile guitar!

    Historically, perhaps the most celebrated and revered cabinet and furniture wood in the world. Cuban Mahogany has been used extensively in cabinetry and furniture-making for centuries in Europe and the United States, being harvested to the point of complete depletion. In 1946, Cuba banned all exporting of the wood due to over-harvesting and high demand; it has also been in scarce supply from other sources in the Caribbean as well. Today, the lumber has become so obscure that the term “Genuine Mahogany” now applies almost exclusively to its close substitute, Honduran Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla), rather than the Cuban wood that for centuries has simply been referred to as “Mahogany.”

    George has sourced this wood through acquiring 19th century furniture and selected only mastergrade quality to be used only in the 50-series. This unique tonewood combined with the craftsmanship of the Lowden team turned in to a magnificent guitar that can do any style.



    • Body style: F
    • Back & Sides: Master grade Ancient Cuban Mahogany
    • Soundboard: Master grade Adirondack Red Spruce
    • Rosette: Figured Koa and Abalone soundhole edge
    • Binding: Figured Koa
    • Purfling: Rosewood, Maple, Mahogany
    • Tuners: Gotoh Gold/Ebony 510
    • Back centre seam: Figured Koa
    • Bridge: Rosewood
    • Neck: 5 piece: Mahogany/Rosewood
    • Headstock overlay: Ebony (front and back)
    • Fret markers: side
    • Body size: F
    • Nut Width: 45 mm
    • Serial #: 25208
    • Frets to body: 14
    • Pickguard: clear
    • Documentation: warranty certificate and provenance document
    • Case: Lowden branded Ameritage hard shell
    • Pickup: optional