• Lowden Baritone Walnut – Sitka Spruce

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    The Lowden Baritone model is the big mamma of acoustics and based upon the O size but with a longer scale length and a deeper body. Tuned in C or B this big girl growls and immediately draws attention.

    The Lowden Baritone is designed to be played with ease in C, B or dropped B tuning and standard strings fitted are 70 to 16 gauge. Some experimentation on string gauges and tuning may allow more extreme tuning options. The 700 mm scale length means that the neck is a little longer between the nut and the body, but half of that extra length is taken up by the placement of the bridge being further down the body. This provides a balance between playability and tonal response. Even though few guitarists use it as their primary instrument, a low-tuned baritone guitar is an increasingly popular choice for guitarists looking to expanding their sonic options.
    Overall, this Lowden Baritone is an amazing instrument. Growling deep lows with clear mid and high notes. Awesome tone monster. Whether used as a solo instrument or as part of a duet or ensemble, it delivers complex baritone sounds and great playability. She is also a good companion for a solo singer with a low voice adding that extra darkness to the composition. Powerful en emotional. The back and sides are beautifully flamed Walnut. The top is made of AAAA Sitka Spruce, and the neck is the well-known 5-piece mahogany/rosewood combination. All matched by outstanding craftsmanship. The body is the 5 mm deeper than the regular O model but still very comfortable to hold. Your right arm rests on the wider sides which makes it possible to play for hours. Click below for a sound sample performed by Eddie van der Meer:


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    • Model: Baritone
    • Size: Deep O shape
    • Back & Sides: AAA Claro/Bastogne Walnut
    • Soundboard: AAA Sitka Spruce
    • Lacquer: Clear
    • Binding: Figured Maple
    • Neck: 5 Piece Mahogany with Rosewood splices
    • Headfacings: Ebony front and back
    • Fretboard: Ebony bound with Maple
    • Nut width: 45 mm
    • Width at 14th fret: 57 mm
    • Tuners: Gotoh 510 Gold with Ebony buttons
    • Bridge: Rosewood
    • Serial #: 26883
    • Frets to body: 14
    • Pickguard: clear
    • Scale: 700 mm / 27 9/16″
    • Soundbox width: 420 mm
    • Soundbox depth: 130 mm
    • Documentation: warranty certificate and provenance document
    • Case: Lowden branded Ameritage hard shell case
    • Pickup: Optional