• Lowden O25 45th Anniversary

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    The Lowden O25 45th Anniversary features exclusive custom appointments in recognition of the classic early model, the L25. Featuring a jumbo body built with Indian Rosewood and Red Cedar, the L-25 evolved into what is known today as the O-25.

    The Lowden O25 is the all-time favorite with her classic Lowden sound in the biggest body size. Built with Lowden’s classic combination of Indian Rosewood and Red Cedar, delivering a dynamic guitar with huge tone. This Jumbo offers pure Lowden characteristics with richness, warmth and power. She offers huge volume, massive sustain, presence and balance. And on top of that of course excellent craftsmanship! George and his team really know how to build great guitars. Play her and you know what I mean.  She has a strong, warm, and brilliant sound which evolves like a carpet, being especially perfect for folk, country flat picking and strumming.

    From the minute you pick up this bold sounding instrument and strum the first chord, the power is undeniable. Overtones bloom and swell with the simple strike of a chord. Tuned to drop D and striking a D chord presents an unbelievable playing experience. Not only the finger styler will love this but using a pick and allowing the arpeggios grow and ring is an amazing experience. The tone is intimately sweet. The power is there when you want it, and the bass is just amazing. Great pickup systems like the L.R. Baggs Anthem can also be fitted to set you up for any stage or studio work. Ask us for more information and pricing. Or check out a sound impression by Thomas Leeb below:

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    • Model: O25 45th Anniversary
    • Body size: O
    • Back/Sides: East Indian Rosewood
    • Top Wood: Red Cedar
    • Fingerboard: Ebony with Ebony binding
    • Neck Wood: Mahogany/Rosewood
    • Neck Profile: GL Standard
    • Neck width at the nut: 45 mm
    • String spacing at bridge: 57 mm
    • Scale length: 650 mm
    • Bridge: Rosewood
    • Rosette: Rosewood, Mahogany, Walnut, Maple
    • Binding: figured Maple
    • Purflings: Sycamore-Walnut-Rosewood-Mahogany
    • Fret Markers: none
    • Side markers: white dots
    • Tuners: gold Schaller M6 with Ebony knobs
    • Serial number: 23404 on 45th anniversary label
    • Documents: Provenance and warranty booklet
    • Accessories: Lowden 45th Anniversary T-shirt
    • Case: Lowden branded Ameritage case
    • Optional: pickup system