• Greenfield G1 Cocobolo-Adirondack

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    Jaw-dropping Greenfield G1 build with awesome Cocobolo and Adirondack Red Spruce. A masterpiece capable of anything. This guitar creates a musical cloud of sweet, tantalizing music as easily as one breath.

    Michael Greenfield is truly passionate about guitars and tone. Great tone. FAT tone. Prior to becoming a full-time luthier in the mid 90s, he spent some 20 years repairing and restoring vintage instruments. Nowadays, he carefully handcrafts around 16 exquisite acoustic guitars each year in his Montréal shop, each one unique with custom specifications. He believes in squeezing every last molecule of tone out of his guitars. In short, Micheal is a master of fine, handcrafted acoustic guitars. This G1 is like the Steinway on your lap. Not as heavy but with 2.6kg dry weight you can imagine why she has that tone, sustain and presence, right there on your leg. She delivers unprecedented fat mid and high notes due to Greenfield’s proprietary Tone Halo and ‘modified lattice’ bracing inside the body. Also, the back bracing is different from most other guitars. Instead of traditional perpendicular braces, his braces radiate out from a central point on the lower back of the guitar to optimize tone and projection. More on his building approach in this vid.

    This Greenfield G1 comes with a number of options like the Florentine Cutaway. While an elegant design feature, the Florentine cutaway provides easier access to the upper register, above the body joint. Also, the Laskin Style Arm Rest is added. The original “arm rest” was created back in the 1980s by one of Michael’s mentors, William “Grit” Laskin. They are a very comfortable, ergonomic feature that “softens” the hard edge of the guitar that normally comes into contact with your arm. Next are the fully Mitered Body Purflings including a fingerboard purfle with the same fine lines, a white dot inside a brass circle as position markers and a rear volute laminated with fine veneers. Next is the Paua and Spalted Beech rosette. And finally the Heel ‘swoosh’. An ergonomic design element that affords added comfort when accessing the upper register of the fingerboard above the body joint. There is a lot more to tell about this guitar, but it would still not cover it all. The only way to find out is holding her, feeling her and above all: playing her! The G1 is primarily a fingerstyle guitar, though she is also superb for light strumming or acoustic jazz. Her condition is near mint but for the case which has some scuffing!

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    • Model: G1
    • Serial: 358
    • Year: 2023
    • Body Wood: Cocobolo
    • Top Wood: Adirondack Red Spruce
    • Neck Profile: slightly full C
    • Bridge: Ebony
    • Top Trim: Wood Lines
    • Fingerboard: Ebony
    • Fingerboard Bindings: Ebony
    • Fret Markers: Brass Circle
    • Frets to Body: 14
    • Headplate: Ebony
    • Cutaway: Florentine
    • Pickguard: None
    • Pickup: Optional
    • Body Length: 19.25 in / 48.9 mm
    • Upper Bout: 11.963 in / 30.4 mm
    • Lower Bout: 15.875 in / 40.3 mm
    • Body Depth Heel: 3.75 in / 9.5 mm
    • Body Depth Tail: 4.375 in / 11.1 mm
    • Scale Length: 25.4 in / 645 mm
    • Nut Width: 1.75 in / 46 mm
    • String Spacing: 2.188 in / 58 mm
    • Weight: 5 lb. 7 oz.
    • Headstock Inlay: Builder Logo
    • Finish: Gloss