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About Diamond Guitars

Vision of Diamond Guitars

The philosophy behind Diamond Guitars is to represent world-class, innovative and independent guitar builders and offer players a broad collection of the best of their instruments. You'll find an amazing collection of high end instruments in my shop in a friendly and peaceful environment. You can spend as much time as you like in the shop and play every instrument. I will assist in your search and help you with whatever you need. Good coffee, a chat about guitars and life itself, you name it. And don’t be shy to send me out and have the shop to yourself! Whatever suits you best to sort out which guitar suits your need. I work with Luthiers that offer the world's finest instrument, service and excellent repair work. They are willing to help with advice on maintenance and repair of the instruments. My expertise combined with knowledge and experience of the luthiers will help you to find your dream guitar! Here's an impression of our shop.



Come, feel and play your guitar!