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Lowden O38x Brazilian Rosewood - Dark Cedar (new)

George Lowden made his first O38 model back in 1976 for his friend Alastair Burke. Normally George didn't use much shell inlays in his guitars but with this model he indulged a little. Subtle use of leaf shaped Abalone fingerboard inlays and soundboard purfling combine with the ideal choice of CITES certified reclaimed Brazilian Rosewood and a Dark Cedar top. One of his preferred choices now! Nothing we can add to this...except...a flamed Maple bevel. 

Lowden F25 East Indian Rosewood - Sitka Spruce (new)

Classic Lowden tones in this Original Series F25. A great instrument: clear tones, well balanced and focus. On top of that one can expect excellent craftsmanship!! The price/quality performance is excellent. George and his team really know how to build great guitars. Can't say anymore...play her and you know what I mean.

Lowden F50 African Blackwood - Sinker Redwood (SOLD)

Yesss! George's favorite wood combination is here again: African Blackwood combined with Sinker Redwood. Plus the Maple neck, teh soundbox bevel and...style 38 inlays. Really nice is definately an understatement. African Blackwood is an outstanding tonewood. It is has long been recognized by classical guitar builders as the “holy grail” of tonewoods. With a strong responsive tap tone that surpasses even Brazilian Rosewood, it contributes great volume, power and brilliance to this phenomenal guitar.

Lowden Pierre Bensusan Honduras Rosewood - Adirondack + Highlander IP2 (new)

The Bensusan signature model is based on Lowden’s F body size, which roughly corresponds to the dimensions of a small jumbo or grand auditorium. The guitar is 157/8 inches wide at the lower bout and 423/32 inches deep at the tailblock. A small but effective armrest bevel helps minimize any ergonomic challenges presented by the deep body. The guitar is relatively free of ornamentation, featuring only a thin, simple abalone rosette and the Lowden name in abalone on the headstock. The pitch-black ebony headstock overlay is embossed with Bensusan’s signature in pearl on the back.

Lowden S50 Mastergrade Koa/Koa (SOLD)

While visiting George Lowden and his fine crew back in August I saw a stack of Mastergrade Koa that was really extraordinary in pattern. It was not yet assigned to a guitar so I grabbed the chanche and reserved this beautiful set to build a full Koa Lowden. All Koa Lowden models are extremely rare since George is very picky when choosing top woods. This top passed the tap-test and and here she is: the all Mastergrade Koa Lowden S50! Stunning!! In looks and tone.

Lowden S32 Jazz Indian Rosewood - Alpine Spruce (new)

George Lowden initially began to develop his concert classical designs in 1987. He has been making concert classical guitars since then as part of his personal custom guitar making. This design forms the basis for the Lowden Jazz model. Strung with nylon strings and an internal pick up this makes up for one of those very special instruments that you will fall in love with. The feel is disigned to offer comfort for classical and steel string players. The neck has enough width (48mm) to facilitate the nylon strings.

Lowden FM-35 East Indian Rosewood - Alpine Spruce (new)

The FM is a new Lowden model that was introduced in 2017. It has the classic Lowden sound but with slightly brighter, more pronounced lower mids making it an ideal tool for flatpickers or those who need their rhythm playing to cut through the mix a little more. I love its projection. Her soundbox is a tad smaller (105mm) than the standard F model (120mm) and comes as standard with a low profile and narrow neck (43.5mm). The low profile neck give a more electric guitar feel to the left hand. Very easy to play and when one switches from a Les Paul to this babe it just goes natural.

Lowden F50 Madagascar Rosewood - Adirondack Red Spruce (new)

Madagascar Rosewood and Adirondack Red Spruce are a combination made in heaven. Classic Lowden tone in a very nice package.  As any 50 series the wood choice is superb, the build quality top notch and the playability just great! This one has a bonus: neat sapwood in the back. Realy cool. Say no more and get yours while you can. Life is too short :-)

Lowden F35 Hawaiian Koa - Sinker Redwood (new)

Gorgeous sound, gorgeous looks! This is a top of the line F35...built with wonderful Hawwaian Koa and...Sinker Redwood. I love the ever so slightly understated beauty and above all...their superb tonal definition and separation. This lightweight 35 is for the serious player who can appreciate a whole new world of subtle tone colours and dynamic range. AAAA figured tonewoods used throughout, Abalone and wood rosette, hand mitred purfling joints on sides and back, wood (ebony/maple) bound ebony fingerboard, the superb Gotoh 510 series gold/ebony machineheads.

Lowden S32 Jazz Custom Indian Rosewood - Alpine Spruce (2013)

When Lowden come in used one can hear how much they develop over the years. From day one they all sound great and this one has aged like a good burgundy wine. So beautifull. Finesse, delicate, warmth, deep basses, exquisite trebbles. Woaw! She is in near mint condition with only one very small ding on the lower end of the top (see pictures). A real gem! George Lowden initially began to develop his concert classical designs in 1987. He has been making concert classical guitars since then as part of his personal custom guitar making. This design forms the basis for the Lowden Jazz model.