• It was a joy to spend a long afternoon lost in your guitar land

    Thank you so much for your hospitality, Wil. It was wonderful visiting your shop and getting to play high quality Lowden’s, Rozawood’s, and Breedlove’s. I had long wondered about the virtues of fan-frets and you gave me the opportunity to find that out. Thank you for having 3 in stock. I loved your other guitars, particularly the new F50 blackwood alpine (that one clearly delivers something amazing, such a resonant, complex sound, and such a beauty, certainly one of its kind). I also loved your high end Lowden 0-50s, (the Tasmanian Blackwood in particular because it’s so light and sweet sounding!) But in the end I was sold on the Lowden 035 fan fret because of its wildly deep resonance and bass response, which I found almost identical to your other 035 fan fret with the Sitka top… I chose the Ceder top because I already had a Sitka top guitar and simply wanted something different. Thank you again for giving me so much time and attention. It was a joy to spend a long afternoon lost in your guitar land. Best of luck with your business, and I look forward to visiting you again and I look forward to playing other gems you may have in the future. TK