• I really appreciate your passion and your empathy

    I was blown away! Both guitars have almost infinite dynamic range, deliver whatever you ask for, whether fingerpicking or working with a pick. Both have a fantastic sound of quite different character. I tried a slide today, the OM is incredibly rich, the 000 is the guitar I would choose on stage. Both speak to me, the OM feels like a 35 year old girls and the OOO seems to be 16. And: they ARE beautiful. It will take a year or so get really familiarized with the different personalities and I am looking forward to it. The neighbours got a a bottle of wine and I brought some flowers today, because I am so happy, they re-arranged their whole day in order to meet the shipper. And now to you, my friend 🙂 You love music and guitars! I feel I owe you something. I just looked today in the compartment of the guitar case, you were very generous with regards to strings. This was more than a “deal” for me, I really appreciate your passion and your empathy and how you handled everything. So long for today, enjoy the evening, a big Thank You. Michael.