• The Les Paul Historics 57-58-59 Collection

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    Once upon a time I had a dream of owning a Les Paul. I started with an 1974 Ibanez lawsuit Les Paul and played that guitar until the frets fell of. My dear friend Rob is putting her back together again. As soon as she is finished I´ll put her next to the Historics collection.

    The three babes all have their own story and I put them up later. You can see an 57 Murphy Reissue, a 58 Cloud9 and a very special LPR9. All lightweigts, especially the Cloud9 with 3,34kg. The others to bring 3.7kg to the scale. The LPR9 is rediculesly loud and vibrant. I played an original one and I can say that my Reissue is close…very very close with the Voodoo pickups, the CTS pots and the Sprague caps. A true tone monster.

    The 57 is a beautiful Murpy aged 2001 babe. Tom made only a couple of them and one is in my collection. Dream guitar. Very wooden sound, rolling basses (3.8kg). Blues machine!

    The 58 Cloud9 is an intense guitar. So lightweigt she amost plays by herself. Well…some excaggeration is appropioate around these beauties. Right? Read more about the interesting history of the Cloud 9 here

    Only a R0 is missing…one day sooner or later!