• Roger Buro Style A Mandoline (1987)

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    Roger Buro Style A Mandoline in excellent condition. Roger Buro is an independant French Luthier who is living and working in beautiful Marseille.

    This style A mandoline sounds and play very well and shows the quality of the craftsmandship of mr. Buro. Roger Buro opened a small workshop called ‘Atelier de Lutherie Buro Roger‘ in 1984. He work on customer assignment. His interest is mainly in stringed instruments focusing on their vibration and propulsion of sound waves. He is also known for the creation of microphones specific to the double bass, string quartet and traditional musical instruments. Roger Buro loves innovation as much as tradition, and strives to develop the desires and musical aspirations of his clients.

    There is a common misconception that you need an F-style for playing bluegrass. While this is not true as far as tone, among many players it is expected that you should have an F– style mandolin. Since traditions diehard, you will probably have trouble convincing people otherwise. The truth is, A–style mandolins sound exactly the same as F–Style mandolins. They simply look different. In the end, if you want peer recognition there is some benefit to purchasing the F-style mandolin. If you don’t care what other people think and just want the best playing mandolin for the money, The A-style is the way to go.

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