• Schertler David X Wood 120W Acoustic amp (new)

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    The Schertler DAVID X Wood is a compact 3-channel amplifier that offers 120W (112dB SPL) of bi-amplified pure analog power.

    Schertler DAVID X represents the state of the art in Swiss amplifier design, reflecting all the needs of the user. Offering a significantly improved power amp and speaker section, together with a crossover filter network, limiter and gain, this amp provides 120W (112dB SPL) of bi-amplified analog power. DAVID X is equipped with a 1” dome tweeter and 6” woofer. It is designed with an optimized 2-way bass reflex construction.

    The Schertler DAVID X is ideal for those seeking no-compromise acoustic instrument amplification. An effective system for practice and home studio use, DAVID X’s size also makes it the most portable and flexible amplifier model. The three inputs can accept two instruments, or an instrument and a vocal microphone, plus a stereo playback device.

    This Schertler DAVID is an ideal system for practice, home studio and small venue live use. It can also function effectively as a personal monitor in performance venues, connected to ‘Front Of House’ via the DI Out. The three inputs can accept two instruments, or an instrument and a vocal microphone, plus a stereo playback device. This amp is available in a choice of wood or anthracite finishes.

    The sound is noticeably clear and warm at the same time. When you play a guitar, mandolin or something in a similar frequency range, this amp is perfect. It’s lightweight and comes with a decent carrying handle.  As any other high-end acoustic amp, Schertler’s are not cheap, but you won’t regret spending the money as these amps seem built to last. Schertler’s customer support is excellent, as they really care about the quality of their products. You can throw everything at it, from ukuleles, mandolins, steel string guitars, nylon guitars, keyboards, and bass. When cranked up, it won’t break down. And there is a hole for a speaker stand. This is a solid small amp that will take a mic too. One of those amps that one will fall in love with.

    Price includes:


    • Weight: 11 kg
    • Dimensions (LxDxH): 29.5 x 25.5 x 35.5 cm
    • Frequency Response (@ +/-3dB): 45 to 20 kHz
    • Sensitivity (1W/1 m) @1 kHz: 92 dB
    • Power: 120 W Pure analog power
    • SPL Max: 112 dB
    • Speakers: 1” dome tweeter, 6” woofer
    • Box construction: 12 mm birch BB laminated
    • System – Format: Bass reflex – Two way – Bi-amp
    • Mic In connector: XLR
    • Mic In sensitivity: -52 dB
    • Mic In impedance: 4.7 kΩ
    • Instrument In connector: 1/4″ jack unbalanced
    • Instrument In sensitivity: -47 dB
    • Instrument In impedance: 820 kΩ
    • Stereo In connector: 1/8″ jack stereo
    • Stereo In sensitivity: -10 dBu
    • Stereo In impedance: 40 kΩ
    • Insert: On master
    • Line Out connector: 1/4″ jack
    • Line out level: 0 dBu
    • Line Out impedance: 200 Ω
    • DI Out connector: XLR
    • DI Out level: -∞ to +6 dBu
    • DI Out impedance: 180 Ω
    • Aux Out connector: n.a.
    • Aux Out level: n.a.
    • Aux Out impedance: n.a.
    • Phones connector: n.a.
    • Phones level: n.a.
    • Phones impedance: n.a.
    • Phantom Power (nominal): 24 VDC (XLR) / 10 VDC (jack)
    • Effect: Spring-type digital reverb
    • Preamp: Class-A, no negative feedback, no integrated circuits
    • Footswitch: n.a.
    • Stand mounting: Flange mount ø 36 mm, h=102 mm
    • Available versions: Dark wood and anthracite