• Santa Cruz Parabolics Mid Tension (3-pack)

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    Santa Cruz Parabolic Tension Strings are all about t e n s i o n. While gauge is simply the measurement of the string’s diameter, the tension of a string determines its relative volume to the other strings (EQ). String tension is determined by its core to wrap ratio, which can vary greatly among manufacturers. This can create multi-pound differences between brands and an illogical EQ within any given set.

    Santa Cruz Strings are engineered to do what others cannot, to put the exact tension on each individual string to create the appropriate download pressure. These calculated tensions determine the optimal relative volume between strings, or EQ, for your instrument.  State of the art metallurgy and micro-coating assures long life by preventing corrosive moisture from contacting the core of these nickel and lead-free strings.Eric Skye says: ‘They do have lower overall tension than comparable sets. Overall, I think they have a nice warm, breathy tone’. He uses the mid tension set on his Santa Cruz Eric Skye Signature guitar.

    This project has been a decade in the making; commercially available strings were never able to truly complement the complexity of overtones and sustain that SCGC achieves by individually tap tuning and hand voicing each guitar. The cornerstone of this project is the acoustic science and genius of long-time friend and advisor, Roger Siminoff. Straight Up Strings for mandolin and banjo are available as a part of this innovative cooperation and available through.

    All new SCGC guitars leaving our small shop in Santa Cruz will be set up with these new Santa Cruz Strings. SCGC finds that most players prefer the Low Tension Strings for smaller bodied guitars, OOO, OM, H and F Models, and the Mid Tension Strings for dreadnought models. If you prefer to use Mid Tension Strings on smaller bodied guitars, it is recommended that the guitar be set up to accommodate the added tension. More information on these great strings available on the Santa Cruz Guitars website HERE



    • Guitar Type: Acoustic steel string
    • Tension: Mid
    • Number of Sets: 1
    • Number of Strings: 6
    • Core: Steel, hexagonal
    • Wrap: Phosphor Bronze
    • Coating: micro-coating
    • Gauges: n/a
    • Core Material: Steel
    • Winding Type: Round Wound
    • Environmental: Nickel and lead free
    • Tension: variable core to wrap ration
    • Ball ends: solid Brass