• Pedro Maldonado F1 Flamenco Negra

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    This Pedro Maldonado F1 Flamenco Negra is a true concert flamenco guitar. More then four decades of building experience Mr. Pedro Maldonado senior knows how to build them! Barely played she already projects a snappy punch of a snare drum sound with a full richness to the body of each note. With enormous power she produces an enchanting true, crispy flamenco sound.

    Extremely well-balanced and effortless to play. For this F1 Pedro Maldonado top-notch master grade, old aged woods from the workshop of Pedro Maldonado. The German spruce top and the Indian Rosewood are over 40 years old. Pedro also put some more elaborate details in his work, the purflings and red tulip inlays in the rosette makes this new negra also very beautiful to the eye. The French polish finish is very well done. Even the most demanding flamenco guitarist could not ask anything more, this is his is how a flamenco negra should be.

    Pedro Maldonado was born in Loja (Granada) in 1929 in Las Parras Street. His father was a furniture maker and Pedro junior began helping his father in the carpentry shop when he was a teenager. Very soon Pedro Maldonado junior was interested in guitar building and other instruments. He dreamed to make these fantastic instruments with his own hands. In 1950 his father took him to Granada in order to develop this art with the help of some guitar makers from the famous “Escuela Granadina”. There he met Manuel de la Chica, Eduardo Ferrer and Antonio Robles, all of them famous guitar builders in this Arabian city, teaching the young Pedro the mysteries of guitar construction. Pedro fell in love with the sound of the flamenco guitar and started playing it with great pleasure. Sometimes “Radio Loja” contacted him to accompany the flamenco singers of the area. It was in 1959 when Pedro Maldonado decided to open his first workshop in Calle Caus 16 where he started making his first guitars. Currently, Pedro works with his sons Pedro and Luis also born in Loja in 1959 and 1961. They each began working with their father at the age of fifteen. Maldonado’s flamenco guitars have the duende and soul that flamenco players seek and are used by Vicente Amigo, Pepe Romero, Manuel Cano, Sergio Lara, Diego Vargas, Strunz and Farah and many more.