• Lowden S35M All Honduran Mahogany

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    This fine Lowden S35M is a gorgeous! Build with Honduran “Fiddleback” Mahogany for back, sides, neck and top. This S35M is a light weight and very articulate guitar ideal for both blues and bluegrass!

    This Lowden S35M is simply seductive!  I love small-bodied hog-tops in general, but this guitar has an appeal unlike any other.  She has a unique sonic signature by giving a sublime balance between that warm, dark tonality that old hog-top blues boxes and the whip-like response that Lowden guitars are prized for. The midrange is like heaven on earth–it glows and glows but is never muddy as is the case on many other all-mahogany guitars, thanks again to the lively precision that inhabits all Lowden guitar.  Standard tuning, down tuning, open tuning…you’re going to want to try them all. And that Mahogany!  Distinct, gorgeous, and all-too-easy to fall for, just like the sound and playability.  Like the best guitars I’ve played, I’m hearing old favorites come out like never before, and I’m also finding myself reaching effortlessly for new ideas I never saw coming.

    George took a very long time to build a guitar with a ‘hardwood’ soundboard simply because of the stiffness and density of most hardwoods. Hardwood soundboards wouldn’t vibrate freely nor would they give a warm response. Then came along this fiddleback Mahogany from Honduras with quite a mild and easy grain structure. This unique Central American Mahogany is very warm and responsive. There is none of the hardness you might expect and of course because of that, the voicing of the internal struts is easier as well. Beautiful looking, balanced and responsive! Check out Martin Tallström HERE on his S35M or click the YouTube link below for a review of this beauty by Teja Gerken of Peghead Nation.

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    • Back & Sides: Honduran ‘Fiddleback’ Mahogany
    • Top: Honduran ‘Fiddleback’ Mahogany
    • Rosette: Abalone soundhole edge rosette
    • Tuners: Gotoh 510 with Ebony buttons
    • Bridge: Rosewood
    • Neck: 5 piece: Mahogany /Walnut
    • Fingerboard: Ebony with Maple bindings
    • Purflings: Mahogany/Maple
    • Binding: Pau Ferro
    • Headstock overlay: Ebony (front and back)
    • Fret markers: side
    • Body size: S
    • Nut width: 45 mm
    • Scale: 630 mm
    • Serial #: 25285
    • Frets to body: 14
    • Pickguard: clear
    • Documentation: Provenance and warranty certificate
    • Case: Lowden branded Ameritage hard-shell
    • Pickup: optional