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    Behold this Lowden S35c Tiger Myrtle – Sitka Spruce Winter 2018 limited edition guitar. Stunning from both the tonal and visual perspective! 

    This Lowden S35c Winter 2018 Limited is built from incredibly good and extremely rare tonewood called Tiger Myrtle and paired with a Sitka Spruce soundboard. This combination offers a bright, clear tone whilst maintaining a subtle warmth to the low end. A 10-year search for this rarefied wood finally led us to these 25 sets of Tiger Myrtle, each one completely unique. Tiger Myrtle grows in the rainforests of Tasmania.  In some Myrtles a black heart staining produces a figuring, which is known as tiger myrtle because of its striking lined effect reminiscent of the stripes of a tiger.  Sometimes the figuring takes a more dotted form like the spots of a leopard.  The figuring also goes from light to dark, creating the appearance of a landscape, which can be quite spectacular. This set is full of contrasts that keep on attracting the eye and lets you discover the wonder of nature.

    This S35c is as articulate and responsive as a great Maple bodied guitar, but the attack has a round quality that reminds me of some great Mahogany instruments. So, the guitar captures all of your right-hand dynamics with exceptional fidelity, but maintains a pleasant, even overall timbre. The low end  is just about perfect. Warm, clear, tight, and focused with all meaty notes. What more could you want?

    Anyone searching for a dynamic guitar that showcases the awe-inspiring tone of Myrtle wood will quickly fall in love with this Lowden. Whether you favor your flatpick or your fingers, her remarkable expressiveness is sure to inspire you to reach new heights on your fretboard journey. Handmade – of course – in the North of Ireland by George’s team of skilled craftsmen from the finest wood sourced from around the globe. All 25 guitars come with matched Tiger Myrtle head facings each one bound and inlaid with Maple and Ebony, a feature entirely unique to this exquisite series. She is also equipped with an LR Baggs Anthem. She has been played quite a lot but only the fretwork on the lower end of the B-string shows some indents. Some small dings on the binding, nothing serious and barely visible. Fret are still good to go for many years more. Consignment, no trades. Listen to a sound sample below by James Nash here:


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    • Model: S35c Winter 2018 Ltd.
    • Back & Sides: AAAA Tiger Myrtle
    • Top: AAAA Sitka Spruce
    • Rosette: Abalone soundhole edge rosette
    • Tuners: Gotoh 510 Gold with Ebony buttons
    • Bridge: Rosewood
    • Neck: 5 piece: Mahogany /Walnut lam/Rosewood
    • Fingerboard: Ebony with Ebony/Maple bindings
    • Purflings: Mahogany/Rosewood/Maple
    • Binding: Maple
    • Headstock overlay: matched Tiger Myrtle
    • Headstock inlay: bound ‘Package 2’ style
    • Fret markers: side
    • Body size: S
    • Frets to the body: 14
    • Nut width: 45 mm
    • Scale length: 630 mm
    • Pickup: LR Baggs Anthem Split Saddle
    • Cutaway: yes
    • Serial #: 22675 1 of 25
    • Pickguard: clear
    • Documentation: Provenance document & warranty certificate
    • Case: Lowden branded Hiscox black
    • Pickup: optional