• Kevin Ryan Paradiso Grand Concert

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    Stunning Kevin Ryan Paradiso Grand Concert build with mastergrade Cocobolo and Moonglow Sinker Redwood. A true masterpiece in dead mint condition! Supreme tone, balance, string separation, clarity, fundamental base, clear mids and awesome high notes. Awesome!

    A Kevin Ryan Paradiso Grand Concert is famous for her very sweet trebles and long and even sustain, balanced string-to-string clarity and separation. This wood combination adds to that basis. Consistent, clear articulation up and down the fretboard and oh so sweet high notes. An astonishingly great sounding guitar! Suited for fingerstyle, single-note lead, light strumming, jazz, and singer/songwriters. This beauty comes with the full suite of design innovations like the Acoustic Flutes. As with any Ryan I have played, this beauty will have a real and meaningful impact on the player in sound or ergonomics and definitely is elegant and beautiful.

    The Moonglow Sinker Redwood is favored by fingerstyle players who appreciate clear upper harmonic content. This magnificent tonewood is a special type of Redwood that comes from logs that were submerged in oxygen-free environments in the bottom of lakes or ocean waters, yielding darker and often stiffer and lighter wood. Bold, punchy, crisp tones, with rich, strong overtones. Cocobolo adds balance to the tone with power, sustain and volume. Responsive, with clear, slow-decaying harmonics and a well-articulated and complex low end. The ‘Moonglow’ is a name given to a limited set of top wood that Kevin was able to lay his hands on, looking naturally sunburst due to the coloration. Very pretty!

    The heavenly Paradiso (what’s in a name) offers classic looks with modern technology and impeccable craftsmanship. Kevin Ryan’s brilliant mind came up with the Laser cut Bracing.  Strong and light for an exquisitely responsive soundboard. Plus the Acoustic Honeycomb; a totally new take on the bridge plate. His design eliminates plate distortion and further reduces soundboard mass for more tone. Also note the titanium bridge pins. The two-tone plasma coating on the head accommodates a 4 mm Abalone dot inlay to deliver even more nuances in the pleasant tonal change with these titanium pins. A lovely shimmer on the top end of the notes as well due to  its incredible sound transmission qualities. Finally, the lacquer: brilliant UV diamond-gloss finish. It’s all in the name 🙂

    She travels in a top-notch blue Calton case. Handcrafted, well-made, nearly indestructible cases for devoted musicians and collectors. Almost indestructible guardian of this Paradiso’s well-being. This is a brand-new guitar. No dings, no nothing! Dead mint!

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    • Model: Paradiso Grand Concert
    • Serial No. 1003
    • Back & Sides: Master Grade Cocobolo
    • Top: ‘Moonglow’ Sinker Redwood
    • Low profile neck
    • Micro adjustable truss rod
    • Ebony armrest bevel with acoustic flutes.
    • Binding: Ebony
    • Cutaway: Venetian (Rounded)
    • Inlay Upgrade Package
    • Paua Abalone Soundboard
    • Paua Abalone Fretboard, and Headstock Purfling
    • Paua Abalone Rosette with Outer Circlet
    • Titanium bridge pins with Paua Abalone dots
    • Honeycomb bridge plate
    • UV-diamond lacquer
    • Ox bone compensated saddle
    • Extended 25.7″ Scale Length
    • Nut Width: 1.75”
    • String spacing at bridge: 2.25”
    • 25.7” Extended Scale Length
    • Gotoh 510 Black Chrome Tuners with Black Buttons
    • Calton Flight Case (Blue Exterior, Grey Interior)
    • 10.5” / 266 mm Upper Bout
    • 15.25” / 387 mm Lower Bout
    • Depth at head block: 3.70″ / 94 mm
    • Depth at Tail block: 4.70″ / 119 mm
    • Total Length: 40.50” / 1029 mm
    • Length of Box: 19.625” / 498 mm
    • Diamante Bridge Inlay
    • Diamante Rosette with Blue Paua Purfling
    • Shell Appointments Upgrade Package
    • Pick-up system: optional