• Gibson F-4 Mandoline 1914

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    Amazingly well preserved 1914 Gibson F-4 mandoline. Build in 1914 and finished in Red this one had very carefull owners. Two-point body, oval bound soundhole with two wood rings, top body binding, top border with white and green rope style, Ebony fingerboard with treble side extended and dot inlays, scroll-style peghead with the classic double flowerpot inlay. Very woody and lively sound!!

    This Gibson F-4 mandoline has a few tiny dents but nothing serious. Structuraly and technical near mint. One tuner has had a slight knock on the head so the stem has a slight curve. Tuners have been cleaned, oiled and work excellent. This sweetheart is has a very wooden tone and would do perfect in folk or pop music. Click the soundcloud button below to hear the soundimpression of this beatiful old lady.

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    • 2 point asymmetrical body, oval soundhole
    • bound soundhole with 2 rope pattern wood inlaid rings
    • white and green rope pattern
    • top border with pearl binding
    • bound ebony fingerboard with treble-side extension
    • dot inlays
    • scroll peghead
    • pearl peghead binding
    • Inlaid tuner buttons
    • Ivoroid and wood soundhole rings
    • Ornate long flowerpot peghead inlay of abalone
    • Double flowerpot peghead inlay, “The Gibson” logo.
    • Uniform red mahogany finish slightly shaded