• 1940 Gibson EH-150 V3 15W Class A tube amp

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    This is a 1940 Gibson EH-150 Style 3 Class A amp from Gibson. Compared to the style 1 the tweed case was enlarged and rounded on the left and right top edges, eliminating the need for the top four leather corner protectors (a transition model with the new circuit and the old cabinet has been reported, but these are either really rare or prototypical).

    Speaker size in the 1940 Gibson EH-150 V3 increased to a 12″ field-coil with the Gibson name on the magnet cover. A beefed up circuit employing seven tubes featured the relatively new 6L6 beam-power variety, in metal. The 5Z3 rectifier, 6C5 driver and 6F5 microphone channel preamp remained from the earlier model, but the twin triode 6N7 was replaced with two 6C5 triodes for the instrument and microphone channels. Power ratings were given for the first time, a respectable 15 watts.

    This well preserved example has two labels inside the cabinets – one for Geib, who made guitar and amp cases for Gibson, and a Western Electric licensing agreement granted to Electrical Research Products, Inc., who also made amps for Oahu, Harmony, etc.. This beauty runs on 110-120 Volts, so in many countries a power converter is required to run this beautifull sounding amp. The amp had proffesional maintenance an now lives with new tubes. Cool stuff. Any museum or guitar enthousiast would want a baby like this in the collection.

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    • Speaker size: 12″ field-coil
    • 6L6 beam-power
    • 5Z3 rectifier
    • 6C5 driver
    • 6F5 microphone channel preamp
    • two 6C5 triodes for the instrument and microphone channels.
    • Power rating: 15 watts.
    • Power: 110V
    • Cabinet material: Birch
    • Cabinet Manufacturer: Geib