• Do yourself a favor, call Wil

    Greetings from the PNW, I came across Diamond Guitars by “chance”, in search of a particular guitar that was long gone from a popular app.  I then decided to see where the results of a search engine query would lead me, lo and behold, exactly what I was looking for appeared suddenly on Diamond Guitar’s website.  Surely in my mind, such a beautiful instrument could not possibly still be available, only one option left.  So, I tried dialing up my first international phone call, but could not get through after three attempts.  Fortunately, I discovered it was much easier to just click the link/digits with my smartphone, and within seconds a friendly voice caught me by surprise.  Subsequently, the guitar of my dreams was, indeed, for sale.  Purchasing it from Diamond Guitars was the best thing I ever did, and I could not have had a more pleasant experience, before or after its arrival!  All the kind comments about Wil’s character, are without question, true statements!  If something catches your attention on the Diamond Guitars website, do yourself a favor, call Wil…It is guaranteed you will be speaking with the most easy-going, decent, person on the planet!!!