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What customers say


Totally satisfied customers; that is what Diamond Guitars aims for!

Read here what customers from all over the world say about their experience with Diamond Guitars. 

  • Diamond Guitars, and Wil, are great! I'm in the States and was initially worried about importing my F35 Cocobolo Lowden, but Wil made the process easy and painless.  He also gave me the best price--believe me, I searched and searched the world over for a good deal on a Lowden, and you can't beat Wil's prices on a new, custom model (or any model, after all).  I also reached out to Lowden before ordering and was told that Diamond Guitars is one of their best dealers.  After pulling the trigger and getting my new guitar, I more certainly agree. Thanks Wil
  • My guitar arrived today in good condition. It is all tuned up and sounds amazing! Thanks again for being so engaged and helpful throughout the process - you have been a pleasure to work with.Die Gitarre ist gut angekommen. Ein tolles Instrument, und in so gutem Zustand! Danke nochmal für die extra Saiten! Beste Grüße aus Berlin!
  • Guitar arrived today, it is fantastic, definitely different from American guitars. I can see what you mean by inspiring a different type of playing. Might have to get another one from you in couple months haha. Thanks again!
  • Хочу поблагодарить Вила за помощь и организованную им комфортную обстановку в шоу-руме, это очень помогло мне при выборе гитары. Без каких-либо ограничений по времени, в комфортных условиях я имел возможность попробовать различные гитары, ранжируя их по размеру, комбинациям используемого дерева, звучанию и т.д., чтобы максимально выбрать то, что мне было нужно. В итоге я приобрел у Diamond Guitars свой замечательный Lowden F-35, которым сейчас полностью доволен. Существенным плюсом является возможность Tax Free, все документы были оформлены корректно, я только поставил штамп на инвойсе у таможенников в аэропорту, отправил фото Вилу и на следующий день он перевел мне сумму налога. Еще раз спасибо, Вил!"
  • I want to thank Wil for the help and the comfortable atmosphere he organized in the showroom, which helped me a lot when choosing a guitar." Without any time limits, in comfortable conditions I had the opportunity to try different guitars, ranging them in size, combinations of the used wood , sound, etc. to maximally choose what I needed. In the end, to my complete satisfaction I bought my wonderful Lowden F-35 from Diamond Guitars. A significant advantage is the possibility to buy Tax Free. All documents were correctly issued, I only stamped the invoice from customs officers at the airport. I sent a photo to Wil and the next day he transferred the amount of tax to me. Thanks again, Wil!
  • Hi Will. I picked up the guitar this morning. Firstly. Thank you very much for your packing job. It arrived very securely and without any damage! The writing on the box was a nice touch! The guitar is gorgeous to look at the tone is just amazing! Thank you as well for the strap! Im running out of !!! Lol. Ill be recommending you to everyone. Deep appreciation.
  • Obwohl Diamond-Guitars Betriebsferien hatte bekam ich eine schnelle Antwort auf meine E-mail.Bei einem Amsterdam Trip hat mir dann sein Luthier Danny die Turner RS-6 vorgeführt.Das allein war schon ein ganz besonderes Erlebnis. Ich war völlig begeistert von der Atmosphäre des Shops und der Turner. Da ich die Gitarre nicht sofort mitnehmen konnte hat Wil sie mir geschickt. Phantastisch verpackt und sehr gut eingestellt. Ich bin sehr froh das ich auf Diamond-Guitars gestoßen bin und werde bestimmt noch öfters diesen Shop besuchen.
  • Wil, I love the Lowden, now it sounds great, so what it will sound like as it opens up over the years I can only imagine. Thanks for all the time you took answering my many questions and your understanding of my limited photography ability! I'll happilly recommend Diamond Guitars to anyone looking to buy a quality guitar, everything was handled both professionally but in such a friendly and helpful way.
  • Hello everybody! I bought from Wil at Diamond Guitars a pretty rare Epiphone Riviera (1993 USA Nashville) and I found out a superb shop. I had great service (description about the instrument and shipping to Italy) and knew a very nice and knowledgeable guy. If you're looking a REAL guitar shop don't hesitate to contact Diamond Guitars.
  • I went to collect the parcel this morning and everything is fine: the packaging you did was top notch. No hazard! I am very, very pleased with this guitar: it is exactly what I expected, and even better, she’s a fine old lady with a very good voice indeed thanks to and despite her age. I am thrilled! Many thanks again to you for this transaction, and for your trust too: I think we can congratulate ourselves on this! Again I really appreciated your communication and how you handled this sale, with your offer to take a guitar of mine as part of the sale. Have a great day! For sure I shall have a regular look at your inventory in the future!…
  • The guitar has arrived today (no damages!), and I'm speechless...I've seen and played many fine guitars over the years; but this is really something special. Fantastic. Awesome. The condition is flawless. How is it possible for a 8 year old guitar...?Thanks again, Wil. I’ll look forward to visit your shop someday J
  • Hi Wil, The guitar arrived safely my home yesterday. She is so beautiful !. I'm glad to deal with you. Best regards, Anuchit C
  • Can’t WAIT to get my hands on this puppy! Thanks for the great service. Dave.
  • The guitar is here ! Good job Wil !!! This is a jewellery. The sound is fantastic, much better than to what I expected. The highlander sound great to. It was very pleasant to deal with you. François
  • I was blown away! Both guitars have almost infinite dynamic range, deliver whatever you ask for, whether fingerpicking or working with a pick. Both have a fantastic sound of quite different character. I tried a slide today, the OM is incredibly rich, the 000 is the guitar I would choose on stage. Both speak to me, the OM feels like a 35 year old girls and the OOO seems to be 16. And: they ARE beautiful. It will take a year or so get really familiarized with the different personalities and I am looking forward to it. The neighbours got a a bottle of wine and I brought some flowers today, because I am so happy, they re-arranged their whole day in order to meet the shipper. And now to you, my friend :-) You love music and guitars! I feel I owe you something. I just looked today in the compartment of the guitar case, you were very generous with regards to strings. This was more than a "deal" for me, I really appreciate your passion and your empathy and how you handled everything. So long for today, enjoy the evening, a big Thank You. Michael. 
  • Wij zijn zeer goed ontvangen door  Wil Peters eigenaar van Diamond Guitars, u krijgt voldoende uitleg, heb zelf meerdermalen gemaild en sms’je verzonden, altijd even vriendelijk. Het is zeker de moeite om er eens langs te gaan, u heeft keuze ,en mag gerust de gitaar op uw eigen tempo uitproberen, geen enkele druk of verplichting. Echt top. Zeer goed ervaring, Bedankt Wil! Paul 
  • Der Kauf eines Instruments via Internet ist kein Garant für Zufriedenheit. Umso mehr freue ich mich darüber, Wil Peters und seine "Diamond Guitars" kennengelernt zu haben. Schon der Internetauftritt strahlte die für mich wünschenswerte  Seriosität und Liebe zum Detail aus, um meine Traumgitarre über eine Distanz von mehreren hundert Kilometern aus einem Nachbarland auszusuchen. Das durch und durch positive Gefühl setzte sich über die telefonische Kontaktaufnahme, die Preisverhandlung inkl. überaus fairer Inzahlungnahme meiner gebrauchten Gitarre und der schnellstmöglichen und makellosen Auslieferung meiner Taylor PS16ce-FLTD fort. Vielen herzlichen Dank für den perfekten Deal und alles Gute! Dirk. 
  • Leider muss ich Dir bestätigen, was sich schon am Freitag abgezeichnet hat. Ich kann Dir meine New Lowden O50x Mastergrade African Blackwood - Red Cedar nicht mehr zurücksenden! Schon bei der Ankunft war ich begeistert von: - dem Aussehen, und der vollbrachten Handwerkskunst im vollendeten Gitarrenbau! - der außerordentliche, einmalige, samtig weicher und raumfüllende Klang beim ersten anspielen hat mich verzaubert! Zusätzlich möchte ich mich bei Dir und Diamond Guitars recht herzlich bedanken für: - die vertrauenswürdige und seriöse Geschäftspartnerschaft! - den professionellen Versand und die top und sorgfältige Verpackung des Instrumentes! - die freundliche und zuvorkommende laufende und ernst genommene Betreuung! Mit diesen Erfahrungen kann ich Dich Wil Peters und 'Diamond Guitars' nur weiterempfehlen! Hans und Therese aus der schönen Schweiz.
  • Thank you so much for your hospitality, Wil.  It was wonderful visiting your shop and getting to play high quality Lowden’s, Rozawood’s, and Breedlove’s.  I had long wondered about the virtues of fan-frets and you gave me the opportunity to find that out.  Thank you for having 3 in stock.   I loved your other guitars, particularly the new F50 blackwood alpine (that one clearly delivers something amazing, such a resonant, complex sound, and such a beauty, certainly one of its kind).  I also loved your high end Lowden 0-50s, (the Tasmanian Blackwood in particular because it's so light and sweet sounding!)  But in the end I was sold on the Lowden 035 fan fret because of its wildly deep resonance and bass response, which I found almost identical to your other 035 fan fret with the Sitka top... I chose the Ceder top because I already had a Sitka top guitar and simply wanted something different.   Thank you again for giving me so much time and attention.  It was a joy to spend a long afternoon lost in your guitar land. Best of luck with your business, and I look forward to visiting you again and I look forward to playing other gems you may have in the future. TK 
  • Die Gitarre ist schon angekommen und sie ist der Wahnsinn!!!!! Nochmals um vieles besser als auf dem Soundclip, ich wollte ja früher schreiben doch ich konnte die Gitarre einfach nicht aus der Hand legen. :) Außerdem ist sie perfekt eingestellt bei mir angekommen und es befinden sich weder Kratzer noch Hacker auf der Gitarre. Danke für den super Support. Fabian 
  • Just letting you know the Lowden has arrived safe and sound and she is in excellent condition. Thank you for getting her across safely. You have been great to deal with and I have appreciated your advice and help. Many thanks again. Rani 
  • Wollte nochmal danke sagen für die gute Reparatur und die tolle Beratung! Fühle mich bei Dir immer gut aufgehoben und Du gibst Dir große Mühe zu verstehen wonach ich suche. Das ist echt klasse für einen Musiker, der auf der Suche nach 'dem Instrument' ist. Danke! Frank 
  • After reading all this comments about Diamond Guitars I think that there is not really more to say and I just can agree with everybody! It was a wonderful experience for me to have the possibility to try out all these wonderful instruments at Wil's shop. It's also a pleasure to talk with him about guitars..... this guy knows all the answers to my questions! I also will never forget that he opened his shop on a sunday morning at 10 o'clock for me because I was busy during the week..... incredible! That's what I call service. I just got one little request : Please Wil keep on doing what you are doing still for a long long time........ guitarists and guitar lovers need Diamond Guitars!!!! Michel 
  • I purchased a guitar recently from Wil and I found the experience quite unique. Wil offers a very exclusive range of handmade guitars in a comfortable homely setting. He is a nice and very friendly person to deal which clearly places a premium on client satisfaction. I was very impressed by his attitude and professionalism and would recommend him to anyone in the market for a serious guitar. William
  • The guitar shopping experience at Diamond Guitars cannot be beaten. One of the great advantages is that they work by appointment only, so you have as much time as you need to play, compare guitars and talk about them. I have recently purchased my Martin there and I could be sure that I had the perfect instrument for my needs. Wil is also a great talk, he knows all about guitars and have his clients' best interest in mind. Bernardo
  • I'm sorry for all the questions. Thanks for your communication back and forth. Hopefully one day I will visit you guitar shop. Richard
  • Thanks Wil for such an easy and pleasant transaction!! I bought a guitar and had it shipped to Australia from Diamond Guitars. It was in perfect condition and the sale was a great price. Wil was so easy to communicate with and willing to help at any time to make the sale smooth. Thanks again Wil and I highly recommend Diamond Guitars to anyone looking for the best quality at fantastic prices!! Dan
  • My experience of buying my Taylor from Diamond Guitars was simply great. When buying a high-end instrument you expect to receive a top-notch service and of course to buy it from the hands of an expert. Wil Peters offered me all of that, as I could make several questions and could test the instrument well, which is necessary to make such a purchase decision without worries. Wil is not only knowledgeable about what he sells, but also passionate about it. Bernardo C.
  • While searching the internet for a Taylor guitar, I came across Diamond Guitars. The site was the most beautiful guitars to see. An appointment was quickly made​​. To my surprise I saw that the shop was located near my home. Not a U.S. thing. An appointment was quickly made​​.In a homely atmosphere I saw at least 25 of the most beautiful and also rare guitars from world-class guitar makers. Really very nice to see these instruments in one place. Also you have a passionate man accompanying you through the process. You will be treated as the guitars are. I really enjoyed. Professional, reliable, fair price and top notch guitars and accessories. Where can you find that these days? At Diamond Guitars! Sjef 
  • Thanks Wil for the extensive and valuable information about the sales of my two Rick's. Hans
  • As a guitar player I’m always interested in fine instruments, Wil passed the 'virus' with true stories about luthiers searching for the best trees of more than 100 years old, the selection of precious tone woods, and handcrafting instruments. After several years of playing guitar I actually was looking for an unique piece, with a good fit for my left hand, great looks and above all, a splendid sound. While looking around several times in Wil's shop and a reference from a '64 Martin D-28 in my head, many options passed, until.... 'my' Rozawood Masterworks Artcraft arrived. Packed in an off-white case and when opened, a marvelous smell of wood tickling my nose. Very fine inlays, an attractive body in Grand Auditorium shape, 'dressed' in perfect dark brown color with a high gloss finish. Hand build by Roman Zajíček and most important: it's astonishing sound. Rich in the mids, clear sparkling highs and as a thunder in the low ends. Playing it, felt as homecoming after a long trip, as a warm reunion with your dearest family. Together with the knowledge and guidance of Wil and comparison with other brands, there was no doubt. While playing it for 6 month now, it's only sounding nicer every day, and when opening its case, still the smell of the Hawaii koa sides and back, leaves you in the middle of the forest where it once started..... Thanks Wil. Rob
  • Hi Wil, thanks again! just a few more tweaks, plug in and play the Birds. Rob