• Schertler Jam 200W Acoustic Amplifier (backorder)

    Our price:1.060,00

    The new Schertler JAM is an exceptional amplifier with all features in order to improve the acoustic guitar sound; useful in any situation (live or studio), this is a product that is unique in its kind. Simply essential for any guitarists looking for an uncompromising vibrant tone.”

    JAM is the third member of Schertler’s “next generation” acoustic amplification series. The new 5-channel “all-rounder” combines a comprehensive feature set with the updated technology and enhanced “look” that defines all the models in this latest range.

    The amplifier includes a balanced microphone (XLR) input, an unbalanced mic/instrument input and an input offering both balanced microphone and unbalanced mic/instrument options. Both instrument inputs feature a Bootstrap technology that enables the input to automatically adapt to any impedance. A separate stereo input channel will additionally accommodate devices such as a computers, MP3 or CD/DVD players. A 5th FX Return channel can also be used for inputting line level devices.

    Amplifiers are available in a choice of wood or anthracite finishes. The more delicate wood finish is perfect for studio or home use, blending with a range of room interiors. The anthracite finish is designed for performance and touring applications, where a more robust exterior finish is required.

    Check out the Scherler website for more infomation on the fine acoustic amp HERE

    Price includes:


    •  Weight: 12.2 kg (26.89lb)
    • Dimensions: 324x297x380 mm
    • Frequency Response: 40 Hz to 20 kHz
    • Speakers: 1” dome tweeter, 8” woofer
    • Construction: Birch laminated
    • Channels: 5 indipendent channels
    • Inputs:  Channel 1 Jack 6.3mm unbalanced, Channel 2/3 XLR balanced
    • Channel: 4 Jack 3.5mm stereo, Channel 5 2x Jack 6.3mm unbalanced
    • Outputs: DI, LINE, AUX
    • Phantom Power: 10V on Channel 1, 24V(nominal) and 10V on Channel 2, 24V(nominal) on Channel 3
    • Effect: Digital reverb with Decay
    • Preamp: Class-A
    • Power: 150W + 50W Bi-amplified