• LR Baggs Synapse Personal PA system (out of stock)

    Our price:2.499,00

    This new LR Baggs Synapse personal PA system. The Synapse combines a powered speaker with a two-channel mixer, digital reverb, and 500 watts of class-D power, and is optimized for use with acoustic instruments and voice.

    The LR Baggs Synapse eliminates the solo performer’s need for a separate stage monitor, mixer, or an amp, and allows everyone in the room to enjoy the same dazzling acoustic guitar and vocal tones. This is an all-in-one miniatur PA for a medium sized venues or outside performances with a 180 degrees dispersion. Really designed to fill a complete room with fine sounds. Easy to use EQ system which helps in adapting the system fast to the needs. The mute buttons are great since they shut down the system immediately to switch guitars, other instruments of just for the break with changing the other controls. The reverb is very nice sounding, in three steps per channel from light to a full sounding reverb. Check out the review of this system by Teja Gerken from Peghead Nation.

    The condition is brand new with only a very small scratch on the side. Check out the LR Baggs website for more information on the fine acoustic amp HERE. Singer/songwriter guitarists are getting spoilt for choice when it comes to high quality personal PA systems and amplifiers. Once you hear the LR Baggs Synapse PA filling the room with 180 degrees of full-range, natural sound, you’ll never go back!

    Price includes:


    • Personal PA system
    • 2 Channels
    • Compression woofer and tweeter
    • 500 watt, Class-D amplifier
    • 180 Degree horizontal waveform radiation
    • Class D amplifier
    • Controllers per channel: Gain, 3 Treble, Mid, Bass, Reverb Level
    • Custom reverb with 3 length settings
    • Phase reversing switch
    • Mute function
    • -20 dB Switch
    • 48 V Phantom power
    • 6.3 mm jack/XLR combo input
    • Custom reverb with 3 settings
    • 6.3 mm jack and 3.5 mm jack AUX input
    • AUX volume control
    • Master volume control
    • Mix input and mix output
    • 118 dB max, 115 dB continuous
    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 61 x 39 x 55 cm
    • 35 mm speaker flange
    • Weight: 17 kg
    • Protective cover included
    • Designed in USA, assembled in China