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Gibson Acoustics

Archtop acoustics and semi-acoustics are a key part of Gibson’s history and heritage. The “thinline” semi-acoustics introduced in the 1950s – the ES-335, ES-345 and ES-355 – remain the big sellers, but Gibson’s big-bodied “jazz” archtops also have a remarkable history. These buxom beauties are some of the most covetable guitars Gibson have ever made, packed with hand-crafted skill and laden with fancy finishes, blinging hardware and plenty of pure tone. Big-bodied archtops are not for everyone -  some players will struggle with the sheer size or their proneness to feedback at high volume. Yet archtops aren’t just about jazz and vintage blues – Frank Zappa and Ted Nugent were just two unlikely fans of Gibson archtops played with amps to the max, respectively the ES-5 Switchmaster and the Byrdland. And, of course, the sound of early rock ‘n’ roll was largely fuelled by Gibson’s so-called “jazz” guitars. Gibson Acoustic is committed to continuing the legacy carried by our skilled artisans in Bozeman, Montana. Each guitar represents Gibson’s century-old tradition of building exquisite, investment-quality instruments with the highest standards of innovation and craftsmanship.