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George Lowden Guitars

George Lowden is a higly respected luthier, based in Downpatrick Northern Ireland. He constructs acoustic guitars; steel and nylon strung. Lowden guitars are handcrafted in a small workshop under the direct supervision of George. Lowden guitars are a breed apart becouse of the innovative soundboard bracing design, including the 'dolphin' strut profiles (which are top and side voiced for optimum weight & stiffness), the bridge design, the finish inside the soundbox, as well as the methods of assembly chosen and the blends of differing woods. Notable Lowden players are Eric Clapton, Jan Akkerman, Mike Oldfield, Pierre Bensusan, Alex de Grassi, Don Ross, Richard Thompson and Paul Brady. Scroll down for our Lowden collection. We will gladly advise you and discuss possibilities of whishes that are not on the price list.


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