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Acoustic Guitar Amps

There’s no getting around it these days: If you want to gig with your acoustic, sooner or later you’re going to need to plug in—and long gone are the days when a good instrument mic and a small PA system will suffice. Now you’ve got competition from the coffee grinder, espresso machine, blender, the cell phones, portable video-game systems, laptops, and any other stupidly noisy electronic devices a person can carry with them. The only way you’re going to make your trusty flattop(s) conquer the cacophony of the digital age is to arm yourself with some equally stellar guitar technologies—and a little acoustic amplification know-how. That is why we recommend Schertler amps combined with the LR Baggs Anthem or the studio quality Highlander system.

Schertler Deluxe Series amplifiers are the direct result of Stephan Schertler's 35 years spent developing professional-quality transducers and amplification systems.  Mr. Schertler's lifelong dedication and passion to offer musicians simply the best acoustic sound reinforcement has resulted in these astonishing amplifiers. Accuracy and "honesty" of sound has always been the focus at Schertler, and over past decades Stephan Schertler has introduced many unique innovations to the music industry. Innovations such as the DYN-Series and STAT-Series transducers and Classic Series amplifiers have made life better for thousands of musicians and sound engineers around the world.

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