• About me

    My name is Wil Peters and I am the owner of Diamond Guitars. I studied Electrical & Business engineering and majored in Public Management. My love for guitars started at the age of 15 when I bought the first Van Halen album. Now that was a new sound in het hard rock scene! At the age of 17 me and my friends Tony, Eric and Charles started the hard rock band Voyager.

    We covered Y&T, Thin Lizzy and wrote our own stuff inspired by Scorpions, Rush and Journey. We had a lot of fun touring the local circuits and were support act for Herman Brood (RIP) once. After this period I was a sound engineer for a couple of years. My professional career took me elsewhere but the love for guitars and rock music never left. This love grew stronger when I bought my first acoustic guitar in 2000; a Lowden O35. What a great guitar; true craftsmanship! My musical preference is very broad and rock is still one of my favorites… just listen to Dream Theater! ‘Wouldn’t wanna do without’!

    Passion for music and guitars is the basis for Diamond Guitars. Combined with respect for the luthiers and the craftsman that build beautiful instruments and the people that play their instruments this is an endless source of energy.