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Rick Turner started out as a music-lover and amateur East Coast musician, a self-described "espresso drinking, beret wearing, poetry reading, bongo playing" pre-hippie. He decided that the band wasn't going anywhere and moved out west, where he started work building electric guitars and founded Alembic Guitars. He left Alembic to pursue the design of his very own Model One guitar, which employed a laminated neck design for increased sustain and stability, and a cylindrical arch to decrease the standing waves created by parallel surfaces. The Model One left Rick's workshop and went straight into the hands of Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham. Lindsey has since retired his original Model One, but has three others that he still plays. Today the model One is in production. Rick's lineup wouldn't be complete without the Renaissance series of semi-hollow guitars and basses. Expert luthier Jeff Traugott hit the nail on the head when he griped: "What is it with you Rick? Why do your guitars sound more acoustic than mine when mine is an acoustic guitar and yours isn't?" Using technology that essentially amounts to a military submarine's passive sonar array, Rick set out to produce a guitar that sounded more acoustic when amplified than any true acoustic ever could. Along the way, he also stumbled upon a couple of techniques that allowed him to slash labor costs dramatically and offer Renaissance hand-built masterfully-crafted guitars and basses at a price point one might expect for mass-produced instruments. But the quality is the only thing that matters, right?