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» Gibson EH-150 V1 Class A tube amp (1935)

Gibson EH-150 V1 Class A tube amp (1935)


This is a 1935 Gibson EH-150 Style 1 Class A Amp from Gibson. The first Class A amp ever! Like all amps of the time, there was no control panel on the chassis of the first EH-150s. The power cable, fuse holder (round, house-fuse style on earliest models), on/off switch, pilot light, and two inputs were all secured directly to the backside of the bottom-mounted, bent-metal chassis. A black crinkle paint covered all the exposed surfaces and, like many of the amps of the time, there were no volume or tone controls.

Four tubes were laid out similar to Alvino’s Rickenbacher, to the left between the power transformer and the speaker came either a glass 80 or metal 5Z4 rectifier. Twin 6F6s for the power were mounted catty-corner to the right of the speaker with a shielded 6A6 preamp in the front right corner. This triode (actually twin triodes in parallel for Class A operation, as specified in the RCA tube manual) was fed directly by the parallel inputs and was all she wrote in the preamp tube gain department (amplification factor of approximately 35, compared to 100 for the modern 12AX7). The paralleled plates in turn directly fed the phase inverter, with no need for coupling caps.

This fiarly well preserved examples ( except for humidity damage on the case) has had proffesional maintenance an now lives with new tubes. Very clear tone and decent volume. You will be surprised! Any guitar enthousiast would want a baby like this in her collection.

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  • Speaker: Utah’s respected 10″ field coil model
  • Glass 80 rectifier
  • Twin 6F6s power tubes
  • 6A6 preamp in the front right corner (amplification factor of approximately 35)
  • Power rating: not specified but appr. 10 Watts
  • Power: 110 - 120 Volts
  • Cabinet material: Birch
  • Cabinet Manufacturer: Geib